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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

What is the Functional Medicine approach?

As you can see below, my services are outlined sequentially. Depending on where you are in your health journey, you may skip certain steps. 

The first thing everyone typically has to address is gut health, regardless of what the illness is. Often times we must focus on removing obstacles to cure by removing infectious diseases, and improving digestion, lymph movement and addressing diet and lifestyle. Nurturing a healthy plane in the gut comes on around the same time where we reduce inflammation, improve digestion and increase healthier bacterial colonies. Detoxification is of utmost important as adjunctive care and includes a whole host of lifestyle modifications and herbal medicine. It is at this time that we can replenish nutrients with a healthy system, improve immune responsiveness and resilience. Once we are at this stage, hormone health can be tested and addressed.

Step 1: Gut Health

gut health

Gut Health

Bloated? feel like your stool is off? have pain? Maybe you feel you might have an infection.

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Diet & Lifestyle

Feel like you're constantly overwhelmed with a new diet or fad? Can't seem to shed the weight? Maybe it's your gut or hormones or mental health.

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Step 2: Remove Infections

functional medicine

Kill off 

Unique protocols tailored for the appropriate infectious agent.

Step 3: Detox

detox functional medicine

Toxic chemicals

Identify toxic chemicals and remove them.

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heavy metal detox functional medicine

Metal Chelation

Identify and remove heavy metal burden in the body.
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Mold Toxicity

Identify and remove mold burden in the body.
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functional medicine doctor near me

30-day detox

Learn how to detox safely and effectively. No fads! Lose a few pounds in the process and feel great!
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Step 4: Nutrient Repletion

naturopathic doctor north vancouver

Nutrient Iv & Injections

Nutrients, antioxidants and more!

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Diet and Supplements

Diet & Supps tailored to your needs. Nutrient Testing Available!

Step 5: Immune Health

functional medicine doctor near me

Food Sensitivity

Discover your food sensitivities!

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Immunotherapy Vancouver

Immunotherapy for Allergies

Adapt to your allergies!

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Step 6: Hormone Regulation

heal hormones north vancouver

Hormone  Discovery

Find out how your hormones are functioning before treating them!

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Regenerative Medicine

red light therapy

Whole body Red Light Therapy

Experience the benefits of Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy.

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Regenerative Joint Injections

Regenerative Joint Injections

Joint damage due to trauma in young and older adults can be address with a myriad of holistic treatments.

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Nad iv therapy

NAD+ IV Therapy

Nutrients, antioxidants and more!

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Lab Testing

Laboratory Testing

  • Healthy Living Assessment​

  • Stool analysis

  • Thyroid Panel

  • Cardiometabolic Panel

  • Female Health Assessment

  • Men's Health Assessment

  • Food Intolerance & Sensitivity

  • Micronutrient Status

  • MTHFR Genetic Testing

  • Heavy Metal Testing

  • SIBO Breath Test for IBS

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