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We all want a little guilty pleasure in our lives. But why does it have to be guilty?

Sugar is definitely an addictive evil. It is responsible for inflammation in our bodies and affects the health of our pancreas and glucose regulation. Research has even shown how in the presence of sugar, cancer thrives. When I look at nature I found so many ways mother nature has blessed us with natural sugars we can take advantage of. Humans have outsmarted nature and processed foods to increase calories, which use to be a scarcity. Olive oil, molasses and dark chocolate are processed foods. Honey is not. This doesn't mean you can have all the honey you want at all times. Given that we have access to high calorie and fat rich foods, we need to be conscientious about what we put in our mouth. The following are recipes that are healthy alternatives that will curb most cravings and are good for your health.

Vegan Brownies

Choco Chia avo mouse

Nut Milk

Golden Milk

Spiced Chai

Chai Tea

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