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Group Education Meetings

Created for its supportive structure; patients can network with individuals who are going through the same health journey as them. This community centred monthly meeting will consist of different topics every month, allowing you to join in and learn from the comfort of your own home. 

Holistic Medicine is also about community. When we meet others who are on the same journey as us, and can share our experiences with them, we feel more liberated and supported in implementing interventions necessary for the best health outcome.

Subscription based fee structure:

$50 a month will grant you access to 1 live meeting a month and saved content and resources, as well as 10% off supplement purchases while you are still subscribed.


Topics will include: 
1- Managing your blood pressure, and reversing chronic disease.
2- Managing Diabetes, and reversing chronic disease.
3- Thyroid health optimization.
4- Autoimmune conditions
5- Sex hormone health for the young adult
6- Women's health (Pre-menopause, menopause and post menopause).
7- All about gut health.
8- Adrenal health, stress and resiliency to stressors.

And more!


To subscribe, e-mail with the Subject line: "Subscribe to group meetings" to sign up for classes.

Limit of 7 people per class.

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