Periodic Table

Heavy Metal Chelation

Chelate the toxic heavy metals out of our system. Followed by diagnosing and monitoring heavy metals in the body.  Resulting in better immune, cognitive, and gut function. 

Heavy Metals in our  Environment

It is of no surprise that many hard to treat conditions stem from heavy metal toxicity. We all have heavy metals stored within us. Dependent on your work history and exposure levels, after testing, the right treatment approach will be selected for you. 


Heavy metals are taken in via ingestion, inhalation of polluted air and via absorption through the skin.

Heavy metals can accumulate in the body for years if not decades. Heavy metals accumulate in plants and animals. A common example is mercury in tuna. 

Removal of Heavy Metals 

chelate out slowly and consistently and also use binders after IV treatments to bind whatever heavy metal has been dumped into the outside of tissues otherwise these heavy metals will re-absorb back in to your issues, while being careful of your organ, kindeys and other tissues.

Symptoms caused by heavy metal build up in the body

  • Allergic reactions (beryllium, chromium)

  • Neurotoxicity (lead)

  • Nephrotoxicity (mercuric chloride, cadmium chloride)

  • Cancer (arsenic, hexavalent chromium)