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Heavy Metal Chelation

Chelate the toxic heavy metals out of your system. Followed by diagnosing and monitoring heavy metals in the body. Resulting in better immune, cognitive, and gut function. 

Heavy Metals in our  Environment

  • It is of no surprise that many hard to treat conditions stem from heavy metal toxicity. We all have heavy metals stored within us. Dependent on your work history and exposure levels, after testing, the right treatment approach will be selected for you. 
  • Heavy metals are taken in via ingestion, inhalation of polluted air and via absorption through the skin.
  • Heavy metals can accumulate in the body for years if not decades. Heavy metals accumulate in plants and animals. A common example is mercury in tuna. 

What are some Symptoms caused by heavy metal build up in My body?

  • Allergic reactions (beryllium, chromium)

  • Neurotoxicity (lead)

  • Nephrotoxicity (mercuric chloride, cadmium chloride)

  • Cancer (arsenic, hexavalent chromium)


Where are heavy metals stored in My body?

  • Fat

  • Bone

  • Nervous system tissues

  • Organs

Heavy Metal Testing

Done through a urine sample, where we are looking at a heavy metal concentrations consistent with your current exposure, as well as chronic exposure. The higher the storage, the higher the amount we see in the urine filtered by your kidneys.

Removal of Heavy Metals & Nutrient Support

Heavy metals are removed or "chelated" out of the body slowly and consistently over time to prevent harm. The oral and IV chelators are: DMPS, Na-EDTA and DMSA.

At the same time you will be places on mineral supplementation as well as other natural chelators to support the detox process. 

Dependent on what heavy metals show up elevated on you test, you will need do IV or oral chelation treatments or both at the same time. 

Treatment Timeline and Frequency

In office IV Chelation is done once per month for 6 months. During which time you will also be on an oral agent with instructions if you are a candidate for it. Each IV chelation takes about 3 hours. You can eat on the day of the treatment.

At the 6 month mark, you will have blood work done as well as another urine test to see how far you have chelated your heavy metals. You may continue on this treatment for 3 years depending on your heavy metal burden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IV and oral chelation treatment safe?
The chelation treatments used are the same as would be used by medical doctors if your levels are high.

What are some risks and side effects of chelation treatment?
Headaches, rash, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. The treatment aims to remove vital minerals from the body along with the toxic metals. Typically you would be on mineral supplementation as well as other natural supplements at the same time.

Who is not a good candidate for heavy metal chelation?

Already pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and individuals on dialysis, individuals with hepatitis/ other liver issues.
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