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Immune Resiliency

Immune health is more important than ever for all of us vaccinated or not, against any virus. We are at the peak of threats from chronic ailments as a result of overly processed foods, and ample exposure to toxins in our everyday lives. So it is of no question that we need to reverse chronic disease and build immune resiliency.

Immune Resiliency 


- 1 hour intake including detailed history and review of laboratory testing (or ordering of new tests)

- Treatment plan uniquely tailored to your needs including diet, exercise, herbal medicine, supplements, and removing burdens like toxins in your environment.

Optional based on applicability to patients needs:

- Immune intramuscular injection.
- Immune Therapy for Allergies (oral or intramuscular injections).

- Immune IV therapy.

- Supplements uniquely tailored to your needs.

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