My Top Amazon Picks (Canada)

Updated: Mar 18

There are a number of great products on Amazon, but there is also a lot of noise out there. I have vetted a few products I use in my day to day life that I believe are essentials. So I want to share them with YOU!

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1) Yoga Mat

If you are in the market for a new yoga mat, look no further. I started going down the rabbit hole of yoga mats and soon realized that the proclaimed "best yoga mat" was way out of my price range. So I decided to take a look around and found a yoga mat that is not only affordable, but great for workouts and yoga. It also has great integrity for the long term. I personally love a yoga mat that is cushioned.

2) Lacrosse Balls for Trigger Point Release

These are my favourite Lacrosse Balls or rehab balls. I use them for any and all trigger points, on the floor or on a wall. This is a great way to get involved in active rehabilitation by doing some Active Release Therapy. As someone who has been involved in 2 major car accidents, I have to make sure to stay on top of my therapy. Sometimes there is not a lot a chiropractor or physiotherapist can do for you if you are full of trigger points. It is best to work on these and let the professionals help you with areas that are difficult to resolve. You have to be an active participant in your healing journey.

3) 23andME Health + Ancestry Genetic Testing

This genetic health risk and carrier status reports help you understand

whether you are at an increased risk for any specific health condition.

For more information click this link to fully understand genetic testing. Note that a healthcare practitioner like a naturopathic doctor, can help explain your results and determine the right steps towards optimizing health.

4) Tea infuser

Here is why I love this product, though it is a bit on the pricier side. The mesh is super fine in this tea strainer so you don't get any particles in your cup of tea. I love using loose leaf tea as many teabags contain microplastics. This is made from food grade 304 stainless steel. I love that it sits in your cup so you can decide how strong or light you want your tea, and you can simply reuse the tea a few more times.

In Asian culture, it is customary to pour hot water over your tea and not let it steep too long, drink it and and continue to do more pour overs. This is so you can enjoy all the different levels and profiles of your tea. Another great tip is that if you want to drink a caffeinated tea, you can simply dispose of your steeped tea after the first 15 seconds or so and have the next pour over as the initial brewing of the tea is where the most amount of caffeine is released. You may want to do this if you like the flavour or your green or black tea but want to do without the caffeine.

5) Colon Enema Hydrotherapy Bag

Let me tell you a story about how during medical school, although we learned the many benefits of colon hydrotherapy and at home enema bag procedures, I was deathly afraid of going through with it. So I totally lied on my paper and pretended that I went through with the experience. After some stressful events took place in my life, I started experiencing IBS symptoms and was pretty certain I was experiencing symptoms of ulcerative colitis in the making. So I decided to purchase my own enema bag and create different preparations of liquid (recipes here), so I could see if I could get some relief.

The main thing I have loved thus far about it is that though it is a bit tedious to set up and clean and prepare, it is very hydrating, can help with constipation and helps clear out your bowels to the point where you can go 2 days without a bowel movement. This is a great chance for healing to take place especially if you are suffering from fissures and hemorrhoids.

6) Dermaplaning blades

Ok so this ones interesting. I heard about dermaplaning from a friend and was instantly horrified at the thought of shaving my face. I knew that my peach fuzz would totally grow back thicker. But I have dark hair, and my facial peach fuzz was a dark brown color. I also did not always have time to thread my face and the cost of constant need for threading was adding up. I usually stuck to threading my side burns, upper-lip, eyebrows and under my chin. But my cheeks had fuzz and since my pores were larger, I was continuing to get a lot of acne over my cheeks. I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it, "worst case scenario I will laser my face one day," I thought to myself, as shaving it can help get your hair thicker and to the point that it will respond to laser better. Dermaplaning also has other skin firming benefits.

Pros: I was able to slough off so much dead skin that my acne improved by 80%, there was no more oil and dirt trapping from excess hair and dead skin which is what I believe helps my skin in the end. These blades will last you ages as each one is reusable. Your skin will look healthier, firmer and younger.

Cons: These blades are extremely sharp and I have given myself some bad cuts here and there. This is something you use once every 2 weeks, and your hair will grow out slightly thicker. I noticed that my skin was extremely tight and peeling started to occur afterwards as well, further thinning out my skin, but I think it had to do with technique.

Make sure you use these blades appropriately. Learn how to here.