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Dr. Bahareh Moshtagh takes on any condition as she focuses on addressing the root cause of disease through functional holistic medicine. 

She is licensed to order a variety of labs, imaging, and to prescribe medications. She utilizes herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, counselling, dietary counselling, IV therapy to achieve results.

Regardless of the reason of your visit, please book an initial visit.

An intake form will be sent to you. 

You can provide your Extended Insurance Information at your visit.

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Dr. Bahareh helps treat a whole host of gut disorders that involve the correct laboratory work-up and treatment plan that results in long lasting curative outcomes rather than symptom suppression.

Conditions treated:

- Irritable bowel Syndrome (IBS)

- Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

- Diarrhea

- Constipation

- Gas & bloating

- Reflux (GERD)

- Gallbladder disorders 

Gut Health
Food Ingredients in Bowls

Food Sensitivity

It is imperative that your practitioner differentiates the cause of the patients symptoms who inquires about a food sensitivity test. This ensures an accurate diagnosis and that no resources are wasted. I implore you not to pressure your doctors to run an FST, and let them manage you as they are trained to do.

Conditions to consider with gut symptoms:

  1. Food Sensitivity

  2. Food Allergy

  3. Food Intolerance

  4. Enzyme Deficiencies

  5. Microbiome disorder (infections)

  6. Chronic poor diet

  7. Motility dysfunction

Women meditating

Womens Hormone Health

Conditions treated:

  1. PMS

  2. Heavy & painful periods

  3. Irregular periods

  4. Perimenopause

  5. Menopause



  1. Hormone replacement therapy

  2. Herbal medicine for balancing hormones

Body Builder

Trigger Point Injections

TPI Therapy provides targeted therapy to the common "muscle knot" or trigger point. The treatment consist of the practitioner injecting a numbing agent such as lidocaine with some saline or dextrose into the trigger point to release it. Treatment only lasts minutes and may require 1-4 injections.

Trigger Point Injection
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