"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." 

Cupping Treatment

Unique cupping and massage technique to address painful areas.


Whole body 

Red Light Therapy

Experience the benefits of Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy

Massage Cupping

A more holistic approach to health. 

Annual Exams

Can't seem to get in to see your doctor for an annual? With private medicine we take our time, assess you from head to toe and implement any necessary treatments.

Functional Medicine

Learn how to detox safely and effectively. No fads! Lose a few pounds in the process and feel great!

Diet & Lifestyle

Feel like you're constantly overwhelmed with a new diet or fad? Can't seem to shed the weight? Maybe its your gut or hormones or mental health. I'm here to help!

30 Day Detox

30 Day Gut Reset

Bloated? feel like your stool is off? have pain? Maybe you feel you might have an infection. I'm here to help!

Hormone  Discovery

What is normal? What is not? Analyze your hormones and symptoms with an inside out approach to get to the root cause.

Whole-listic Retreats

Connecting like-minded people in a beautiful environment who want to learn more about health optimization and personal growth.

Genetic Analysis

So you completed your genetic testing and want to decipher what it means. I'm here to help put it all together. 

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Laboratory Testing

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